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Hello! I’m Fred Bryant. Several known as Freddie. I board Melbourne at the instant. However, my town is Cairns. I cosmopolitan far-off from home to find out regarding fashion, Art and style. I am presently living during this town with my supporter, Sofia. So, currently, Melbourne is my home.

I have a cute cat known as Qiao. He’s been with ME for five years currently. I love him, that naughty cute cat, even though we regularly get into a fight. He’s not merely an exquisite cat, he speaks within the real sense of the word, or a minimum of that’s only my imagination. Well, he will communicate with ME once he’s hungry and lonely.

Fred Bryant profile
Fred Bryant profile

No decreased than Qilo is Pit, the bird. The pit may be a free bird. I don’t lock him within the cage; however, each morning, he perpetually comes and visits ME then plays with Qiao. I don’t apprehend whose bird he’s. So, my morning activity is reproval Qiao, Pit and Bulgarian capital once she is around.

I love coming up with. Well, that’s why I visited Melbourne. I may head to Perth. However, I needed to understand living in numerous country. I prefer the new atmosphere here, learning a replacement language, going to apprehend new folks and culture.

Writing is what I get pleasure from doing nightly. I like to write down things I have seen before I am going to bed. Alternative fascinating subjects that I typically write recently square measure regarding move, food, and coming up with. I used to be therefore stunned to search out myself enjoying coming up with a piece of furniture. That’s why I keep writing during this diary. Do visit if you’re conjointly inquisitive about connected objects.