The Best Way to Explore New Zealand in 3 Days

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If you’ve got solely six days in New Zealand, you’ll take a circular route from metropolis to the awe-inspiring Coromandel solid ground so on to Rotorua to require in an exceedingly very little Maori culture and revel in the sulphur hot springs, followed by the mountainous inner region of Lake Taupo – the most prominent crater within the world. Here you’ll strive trout fishing from a ship or onto land. Your fishing-guide will even fillet and smoke your catch on the spot! Heading north once more, visit the glow-worm crammed caves at Waitomo and also the Kiwi House in Otorohanga. Rent an automobile, or if you favour being chauffeur-driven, the worth starts from $750 per day, looking on the scale of the car needed. This includes fuel, vehicle rent, full insurance, Department of Conservation concessions & entry fees and also the chauffeur’s daily expenses & accommodation. 

Day 1 Metropolis – Metropolis 

Hopefully, you’ll have twenty-four hours a minimum of to get pleasure from the metropolis. The matter is that the town has such a lot to supply you will have to bother creating decisions. 1st stop ought to be the volcanic cone of Mt Eden for a perspective on the city and harbours to orient our bearings before we tend to begin the tour. Head north over the Harbour Bridge to pretty Orewa Beach and Wenderholm Regional Park on the tranquil geographic area, followed by morning tea within the original Bohemian settlement of Puhoi. We tend to then head inland past wineries and orchards to the wild black-sand beaches of the geographical area. The pelecaniform seabird colony at Muriwai could be a should see, as not solely can the lovely chicks and also the flying skills of the adults keep you enchanted. However, the sweeping views on the aquatics beaches north will blow any jet-lag away. Heading south once more lunch is enjoyed at the Bees online restaurant wherever many jars of honey oriented product area unit on sale, or wine lovers ought to the benefit of getting a chauffeur and eat an eating house beneath the vines of a world category winemaker.


After lunch, I like to recommend a go into the lush bush of the Waitakere Ranges to secluded falls or on a deserted beach, like the one created notable in Jane Campion’s picture show The Piano. Come back to the metropolis on the Scenic Drive and take a ferry ride to the new community of Devonport – municipality is understood because the town of Sails, thus a venture out onto the water is a vital a part of visiting the metropolis. Take the tour or wander up beneath your own steam to North Head for awe-inspiring views of the town and our youngest dormant volcano Rangitoto Island. For a late afternoon swim in our clean, bright and safe harbour you’ll wander down the steps to lovely Cheltenham Beach. On your come back to the Ferry Building, get pleasure from the sunset and dinner within the revolving eating house of the Sky Tower.

Day 2 Metropolis – Hahei 270 kms

Before you depart for Coromandel, you will wish to visit several attractions you uncomprehensible yesterday. The city district is wherever you’ll notice the very informative Maritime deposit – the displays area unit written record, thus you start with the Maori migration across the seas, step back in time onboard an ECU immigrant’s ship, then appreciate New Zealand’s proud seafaring history as well as the Whitbread around the World race and after all the America’s Cup. Kelly Tarlton was the creator of the subsurface paseo wherever you’ll read the fish from below while not obtaining wet – the Antarctic Encounter and sphenisciform seabird Encounter area unit price stopping here on their own. The revamped recent homes of Parnell have brick made-up alleyways choked with dress shop garments stores, art galleries and specialty outlets. 

  • Head south (direction Hamilton) on SH1. 
  • 56kms – once the metropolis Hills, flip left onto SH2 direction Coromandel and at 88kms modification once more to SH25 at the new roundabout. 
  • 110kms – only once the long Kopu Bridge, flip left towards Thames River – the entrance to Coromandel solid ground. Within the late Eighties, this was a thriving gold mining and kauri work centre. (NB if you favour a shorter drive these days then flip right at the roundabout once the bridge and follow SH25A up and over the Coromandel Ranges rather than going left to the Thames). this can be conjointly wherever you must stop and go shopping if you propose getting ready your meals for subsequent a pair of nights as there’s not loads of selection at Hahei! 

Continue north direction Coromandel city. You’re currently encircling the Firth of Thames River. The road follows the dramatic and winding coast, thus please take it straightforward. However, most significantly, please keep in mind that the locals aren’t on vacation and area unit very often in an exceedingly hurry to urge somewhere thus if somebody is pressuring you from behind, head and permit them to pass. {you can| you’ll |you may} get pleasure from the driving a lot of ways more and also the locals will successively be a lot of ways friendlier after you do eventually cruise to your destination at your own pace! Their area unit places to drag over and take photos right along of this dramatic outline. 

  • 165kms – Here you’ll flip right onto 309 Road. 
  • 4.8kms up this road is that the Waiau Waterways Garden and restaurant, wherever arbitrary wonders area unit worked by water – there area unit lots of whacky contraptions to entertain the young and young deep down. 
  • 7.9kms – Continue inland to the Kauri Grove parking. This stop is superb, providing you with a valid style for the New Zealand bush while not a lot of effort. The bushwalk is a straightforward ten-minute stroll on tier path to 600-year recent kauri trees. These trees area unit splendid, with native bush splendidly lush and funky and peaceful. Continue past the primary lookout for a beautiful circuit past the Siamese Kauri and to the Kauri Grove. The Kauris area unit endemic to the northern a part of New Zealand’s island and might live for 4000 years and grow to double the peak of those! They’re the most significant trees within the world if the conniving volume of usable timber. No marvel they decision them the giants of the forest and were virtually drained by the colonials for his or her wood. The thinning out of a Kauri is currently illegal as they’re protected, thus fortunately now we tend to area unit seeing a comeback of those giants to our forests. 
  • Return to SH25 and switch right to go to Coromandel city, another 5kms north. 
  • 188kms – the most street in Coromandel city is associate degree recent world delight, choked with cafés and craft outlets. Once your visit, drive south (go back) 400m and switch left towards Whitianga – at the highest of the Hill there’s a lookout purpose with views all the method back to the metropolis. 
  • 224kms – Wharekaho Beach includes a beautiful stand of Pohutukawa trees. one in every of these could be a knotted recent specimen that precisely fits an outline within the journal of somebody Captain Cook written in 1769. 
  • 228kms – you’re currently inward in Whitianga, a secure harbour choked with vacation homes favoured by Aucklanders. Continue south, following signs for Tairua and SH25. 
  • 260kms – flip left and drove ten kilometres to Hahei Beach.  

If you’re feeling sort of a walk, then the Coastal Track starts at the northern finish of Hahei Beach….enjoy commanding views over Hahei and to the islands on the far side and north on the dramatic coast. You’ll walk as so much as you wish before turning back. Otherwise, you will even walk all the thanks to Cathedral Cove.  

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Day 3 Rotorua – Taupo – Rotorua 180kms 

En route to Lake Taupo their area unit more thermal attractions! Head south on SH5 (direction Taupo). 29kms – flip left at the Wai-o-tapu edifice and 400m new left once more onto the Loop Road and take a glance at the thermal Mud Pools (free). Don’t forget to lock your automobile and keep valuables out of website – the bubbling mud will keep you enchanted for hours! 

The Lady John Knox Geyser blows her prime at 10:15 am – it attracts tourists by the bus-load however price temporary arrangement your visit to envision this because it is spectacular none the less! 

Follow the Loop Road to the most attraction Wai-o-tapu Thermal Wonderland, the simplest thermal reserve within the space. It exceptionally could be a wonderland of orange, green, yellow, blue, white and black pools, the highlights being the finely coloured Champagne Pool, Oyster Pool and also the Devil’s tub – you’ll be astonied however nature will call forth such colours. The track is uneven now, and then thus you would like walking shoes. 

The restaurant here could be a smart possibility for lunch before continued south to Taupo. Continue on this road back to SH5 and switch left. 72kms – At the big roundabout wherever SH5 meets SH1, go straight and continue south past the Wairakei International golf links. 78kms – flip left for the mighty Huka Falls, Volcanic Activity Centre and Prawn Park. 

If you initially go left, you’ll return to the fresh Prawn Park, apparently the world’s solely energy prawn farm. The informative tour leaves each half-hour, once that you’re inspired to munch come in the Riverside eating house. 

The Activity Centre is a great price a stop. You’re within the middle of 1 of the foremost active volcanic spots within the world. Thus it’s smart to understand what lies to a lower place your feet. Their area unit hands-on instructive displays of native volcanoes, up to the second earthquake Richter scale readings, even space wherever you’ll expertise a simulated earthquake. 

The Honey Hive conjointly has fascinating, instructive displays, a glass-fronted live beehive and also the Beez Kneez restaurant. 

The Huka Falls aren’t high, however area unit spectacular. Here the sedate Waikato watercourse is forced between a fifteen-metre gap before roaring over a seven-metre drop. There’s a lookout directly past the Helistar Helicopters, however the falls area unit way more spectacular from below, wherever there’s a paseo across the watercourse. 

There is another attraction known as the Craters of the Moon volcanic reserve, that’s if you’re not all “thermally out” nonetheless. To achieve the reserve once visiting the falls, come back up the Hill to Helistar Helicopters, flip left towards the SH1 intersection, then cross straight over. Follow the road for one.5kms to the car-park. From here a forty-minute stroll on a walkway can take you thru sticky billowing clouds and hissing escaping gases – you do feel as if you’re walking on the moon. 

Return to SH1, go right to Taupo. Once 4kms flip left for the lookout over the massive Lake Taupo, really the world’s most giant crater, created in one big explosion. The ash cloud floated everywhere the globe – ice samples from as so much apart as a continent and Last Frontier have determined the blast to own occurred in 186AD. The consequences of the ash were even recorded in China and Rome. You’ll gather your free volcanic memento from the bounds within the Very light stone stones (excellent for cleansing off rough skin) that were spewed come in that eruption. Near to everyplace, you look within the Lake Taupo region. You will see a volcano. The mountains to the south of the lake area unit in style for athletics within the winter and walking within the summer. Come back to the main road, in Taupo go right at the first roundabout towards the lakefront and city centre, wherever most of the uptake institutions area unit located. Come back to Rotorua the method you came. 

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